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Nkiambi J. Lema, Chairman
Jim Tyre, Co - Chairman (Interim)


Nkiambi Jean Leam, Chief Executive Officer
Fred L. Nutt, Jr, Director of Government Affairs
Carolyn Richardson, Director of Coalitions
Robert "Rob" O'Neal, Director of Membership
D. Donte Hayes, Consultant & Executive Producer
Michael Whitaker, Consultant & Event Coordinator
Garlene Perkins, Consultant & Event Coordinator
Tia Kane, Consultant & Production Coordinator
Carmen Spears, Consultant & Volunteer Coordinator
Chad Edwards, Consultant & Webcasting Coordinator

Board of Directors
Nkiambi Jean Lema, Chairman (Baltimore, MD)
Pat Ware, Vice Chairwoman (Alexandria, VA)
Jim Tyre, Director & Secretary (Columbia, MD)
Tabitha Page- Thibodeaux, Director & Treasure (Houston, TX)
Frances Dean Smith, Director (Dallas, TX))
Horace Tittle, Sr, Director (Harve De Grave, MD)
Fr. Rev. Guy Kagere, Director (Baltimore, MD)
D. Donte Hayes, Director, Washington, DC

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