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Mission Statement

The Community Education Foundation/Listening to America (CEF) is a nonpartisan, tax-exempt research and educational institute focusing on public policy issues impacting African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and a broad cross-section of other ethnic and minority communities across America.

Our guiding principle is to maintain an open fair and balanced dialogue on subjects that will impact all Americans and advocate ideas that will lead to positive issue resolution.

Our prime goal is to promote policy initiatives that will offer all Americans the opportunity to share in the access to and pursuit of the "American Dream."

Implementation of our mission includes

1. Establish and form strategic alliances in 20 states with think tanks, coalitions and advocate groups.

2. Establishing targeted programming geared towards minority communities, including the use of national and regional town hall meetings, forums, workshops and media outlets such as radio, television, print, satellite broadcast.

We seek to permanently engage, embrace and educate our targeted audience with a clear understanding of public policy initiatives in a manner that illustrates the relevance and positive impact these issues can have on their lives.

Our staff advances our mission by researching, studying, formulating and promoting public policy initiatives and effectively advancing these findings to the American public – including minority communities, members of Congress, Congressional staff, policy makers in the Executive Branch and the news media.

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